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Calculus & Analysis
A few examples of what you can ask Wolfram|Alpha about:
compute an indefinite integral
compute a definite integral
compute an improper integral
calculate the derivative of a function
compute higher derivatives
compute partial derivatives
analyze a sequence
compute a possible formula and continuation for a sequence
solve a recurrence
compute an indexed sum
compute an infinite sum
compute an indexed product
compute an infinite product
find a Taylor series expansion
specify the center point and the order of the expansion
compute the area bounded by two curves
locate inflection points of a function
solve a linear ordinary differential equation
specify initial values
solve a nonlinear equation
compute properties of a function of a complex variable (use the variable z)
compute the residue of a function at a point
compute the gradient of a function
calculate alternate forms of a vector analysis expression
compute a Fourier transform
compute a Laplace transform
compute the domain of a function
compute the range of a function
determine whether a function is continuous
locate discontinuities of a function
find roots of an equation using Newton's method
numerically integrate functions that cannot be integrated symbolically
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