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A few examples of what you can ask Wolfram|Alpha about:
compute magnetic flux density for an object
examine op amp circuit configurations
compute characteristics of a motor
explore properties of ideal waveguides
compute the maximum force of a spring
do a cooling load computation
find the stress on a cylinder
Civil & Structural Engineering
compute mandated ventilation rate
do an Euler column buckling computation
compute the deflection of a beam under load
get information about a structure
compare several structures
do computations with properties of structures
find structures with specified properties
visualize a vortex field
compute fluid flow around an object
compute airflow around a standard airfoil
compute indicated airspeed from true airspeed
calculate straight-line distance to an airplane
compute a Doppler shift
compute perceived loudness
generate sound with a specified waveform
compute properties of steam at a given temperature
specify a temperature and pressure
compute properties of saturated steam
discover how to measure different physical properties
get information about a measurement device
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