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Industrial & Construction
A few examples of what you can ask Wolfram|Alpha about:
get information about a wire gauge
specify wire gauge, material, and length
look up a sheet metal gauge
compute using a property of a gauge
get dimensions of a screw or bolt
get a specific measurement of a fastener
get the dimensions of a drill bit
find out the diameter of a drill bit
get dimensions for a nominal pipe size
specify length
look up the specifications of a needle size
find out the typical use for a needle diameter
get information about a sieve
determine the needle size required to pass through a mesh
find characteristics of a rope
look up a property of a rope
compute the area covered by a volume of paint
compute the volume of paint required to cover an area
get information about a bulk material
compute properties of a stockpile
get information about a type of battery
request a property of a battery
calculate the color code for a resistor
compute resistance from resistor color codes
find out about a container
look up a specific attribute of a container
specify a basic softwood lumber size
determine the volume of lumber from a log of known size
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