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Medical Computations
A few examples of what you can ask Wolfram|Alpha about:
estimate conception and due dates
calculate fetal development
Blood Chemistry
compute mean plasma glucose from HbA1c level
compute blood oxygen level
plot an oxygen saturation curve
look up the formula and compute with it interactively
General Clinical Medicine
compute catheter radius from flow rate and other data
compute free water deficit
calculate peak urinary flow
calculate creatinine clearance
Emergency Medicine
estimate the patient's blood alcohol content
estimate cold water survival time
estimate time to frostbite
Cardiopulmonary Medicine
estimate ventricular pumping rate
interactively calculate oxygen delivery rate
make expiratory calculations
compute a corrected QT interval
look up a formula and use it interactively
compute an oxygen index
compute free and bioavailable testosterone
estimate a patient's glaucoma risk
use an interactive growth chart
calculate projected growth
compute pediatric tracheal tube size
Apgar Scores
compute an Apgar score from given characteristics
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