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Words & Linguistics
A few examples of what you can ask Wolfram|Alpha about:
find definitions and other properties of a word
find the definition of a word
look up synonyms of a given word
learn what an acronym stands for
translate an English word into other languages
find anagrams of a word or phrase
calculate Scrabble® scores for a word and its subsets
find words matching a pattern
find rhyming words
get information about a language
compare multiple languages
find languages spoken in a country
do document length calculations
specify a language
find the most frequently capitalized words in a text
analyze the readability of a novel
transliterate a word or phrase into Greek letters
translate a string into Morse code
translate from Morse code
compute the Soundex code for a word or name
find words with a given Soundex code
find the English name of a number
specify a number by name
specify math problems in words
look up a Unicode character
specify a range of Unicode characters
specify a character by name
find information about an emoticon
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