Frequently Asked Questions


Is Wolfram|Alpha a search engine?

No. It's a computational knowledge engine: it generates output by doing computations from its own internal knowledge base, instead of searching the web and returning links.

Is Wolfram|Alpha free to use?

Yes, it's free for personal noncommercial use as described in its Terms of Use. Access to enhanced features and ad-free site use is available through a subscription to Wolfram|Alpha Pro.

Who is Wolfram|Alpha for?

Everyone! Its goal is to bring expert-level knowledge to everybody.

Where can I see a demo of Wolfram|Alpha?

Watch Stephen Wolfram's screencast, browse the Examples, or take a tour of Wolfram|Alpha.

How can I find the latest information about WolframAlpha?

Follow us on both Twitter and Facebook, or check out the WolframAlpha Blog for the latest developments.

How often is Wolfram|Alpha updated?

Wolfram|Alpha's data is continually being updated, often in real time. Its code base is always being developed, and new versions are rolled out frequently. You can apply to test new versions before they are publicly available.

When will Wolfram|Alpha be finished?

Never. There'll always be knowledge to be added and updated, and new capabilities to be introduced. The Wolfram Mathematica system (on which Wolfram|Alpha is built) has been in continual development since 1988.

Can I make a suggestion about Wolfram|Alpha?

Absolutely! We welcome your suggestions. Just use the feedback form on every result page, or click the contact link in the footer of any other page.

Can I trust results from Wolfram|Alpha?

We certainly hope so. We spend considerable effort on automated testing, expert review, and checking external data that we use. If you ever see a problem, please report it.

What are Wolfram|Alpha's terms of use?

They are described on the Terms of Use page.

Can I assume that my inputs to Wolfram|Alpha are private?

Yes. See the Wolfram|Alpha Privacy Policy for more details.

Can I contribute to Wolfram|Alpha's knowledge base?

Yes! Check out the Participate page. Wolfram|Alpha is fully curated, so all contributions go through our data auditing and review process.

How can I get involved with Wolfram|Alpha?

Check out the Participate page as well as the WolframAlpha Community Forum.

How should the name Wolfram|Alpha be written?

In a two-color rendering, just give each of the two words different colors, with no space in between. In a one-color rendering, separate the words with a vertical bar ( | ).

What are the parts of Wolfram|Alpha's output called?

Each labeled section is called a pod. Pods can have subpods. Clickable elements like "More" are called buttons. Disambiguation questions at the top are called assumptions.