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Complete this form to help us understand what data you have and evaluate how we might use it. In some cases you may be able to simply upload a file and we can take it from there. But for larger or more complex cases we may want to have a data curator contact you to discuss and clarify our understanding of your data, so please provide contact information at the end of this form.

What is the general subject area of your data?
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If it's practical to do so, please use the field below to select the file containing the data you wish to submit. Use any common archive format to combine multiple files into one. If your file is more than 1MB, please indicate the size of your file here and we will contact you with upload instructions at the email address you provide

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Approximately how many data points do you have?
(You don't have to be exact; we just want to get an idea of whether it's 10 or 10 million or somewhere in between.)

Where does this data come from?
(Enter "Self" if you created this data, or give a URL or other reference if you got it from somewhere else. Please refer to the Wolfram|Alpha Content Submission Policy for information on acceptable sources of data.)

How often does this data need to be updated?
(If your data is real-time or requires updating more than once a year, please use the Real-Time Data Stream page for submitting streams of data.)

How should we contact you about your data?
(It's important that we be able to contact you if there are questions about how to interpret the data you have submitted. In all but the simplest cases this will probably be necessary to ensure we get it right.)



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