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If you know a definite fact about something, so should Wolfram|Alpha! We welcome submissions of any kind of fact about any topic as long as they are facts, not opinions, and can be backed up.

Please use the form below to tell us about something you think Wolfram|Alpha should know. We have a staff of dedicated researchers who will take your submission and build it into the Wolfram|Alpha system, integrating it with all the other information we have so it can start appearing in relevant results.

(This form is for submitting individual facts. If you have an entire collection of them in a systematic or structured form that you would like to upload or tell us about, please use Contribute Structured Data page instead. If, on the other hand, you know of a good source of data you think we should be using, but you don't actually have the data yourself, please use Suggest Data Sources page)

What is the general subject area of your fact?
(Use our subject list, or if you don't find the subject there, type in a word or two that describes the subject area. This will help us direct the submission to the appropriate expert.)

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(Remember that a real human is going to read this form—you don't have to try to make it look like something a computer can understand; just give us the clearest information you can. Be sure to include units for numerical information, and error margins if known.)

If you need to send a file (for example, an image) to go along with your contribution, use this field to select a file to upload. If your file is more than 1MB, please indicate the size of your file and we will contact you with upload instructions at the email address you provide.
(Don't use this form to submit a data file containing a table of numbers or facts, use the Contribute Structured Data page instead for submitting structured sets of data.)

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(We can only include facts that we can check, whether online, in printed reference books, or by a calculation or reasoning we can replicate. It's fine if this fact is based on your own research or work, as long as you can back it up.)

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