Contribute Structured Data

Do you have data, research results, or other information you want the world to know about? It could be a collection of related facts, a table of measurements, a list of formulas, or a set of relationships. In short, it could be any organized body of knowledge that hangs together in some meaningful way.

We would love to be able to help you share your information with the world through Wolfram|Alpha. Building your data into Wolfram|Alpha makes it available in searchable form, and more importantly in computable form, to your colleagues, coworkers, students, and not least to yourself. You will be able to ask Wolfram|Alpha complex questions about how your data relates both to itself and to everything else that is part of the Wolfram|Alpha knowledge base.

Please note that we don't just take data files and index them the way a search engine would. We have a staff of expert curators who examine the data, check it both against external references and for internal consistency, and then figure out how to interconnect it with the rest of the web of knowledge in Wolfram|Alpha.

For data of an academic or scientific nature we conduct a thorough peer review process, and as such publication of your data within Wolfram|Alpha constitutes a high-profile form of peer-reviewed publication.

Please choose from these options depending on what kind of information you have and how you want to submit it:

» I have a data file to submit

» I have a regularly updated stream of data to submit