Frequently Asked Questions

Wolfram|Alpha Pro Gift Subscriptions

How do I purchase a gift subscription?

We are glad to offer gift subscriptions to Wolfram|Alpha Pro in increments of 3, 6, and 12 months. They are sold online at You do not need a Wolfram|Alpha account to purchase gift subscriptions.

Gift subscriptions are represented by a unique code that may be redeemed at any time. We can send the redemption code on your behalf in the form of a stylish electronic gift card, or you may print out or otherwise reproduce the code to deliver however you wish.

How do I redeem a gift subscription?

Redeem gift subscriptions using your redemption code at Copy and paste or type in the redemption code in the provided fields, or click the link in your gift card email.

With a New Wolfram|Alpha Account

If you do not yet have a Wolfram|Alpha account, you can create one during the redemption process. Your account will automatically be upgraded to Wolfram|Alpha Pro for the duration of your gift subscription.

With an Existing Free Account

If you already have a Wolfram|Alpha account, follow instructions to sign in during the redemption process. If you do not currently have Pro, your account will be upgraded instantly.

With an Existing Pro Subscription

For current Pro subscribers, your gift subscription will take effect on your next renewal date. You will never lose any time you have already paid for.

Credit card payments: If you pay for Pro directly with a credit card, your Pro subscription will automatically renew at the end of your gift subscription period.

PayPal or Amazon Payments: We will need to cancel renewal of your current PayPal or Amazon Payments subscription to apply a gift subscription. You will need to resubscribe via PayPal, Amazon Payments, or credit card at the end of your gift subscription period to continue Pro access. We will send you a reminder when your gift subscription is nearing its end. You will never lose any subscription time that you have paid for.

How are gift subscriptions delivered?

Purchasers can choose to have redemption codes emailed on their behalf to an email address they provide. Recipients will receive their code in an email styled as a digital Wolfram|Alpha gift card.

Purchasers will receive an email with the redemption code regardless. Purchasers are solely responsible for the successful delivery of redemption codes. Retain a copy of the redemption code email.

Can I check if a gift subscription has been redeemed?

No. At this time, it is not possible to check if a gift subscription has been redeemed. We hope to add this functionality in the future.

Do gift subscription purchases expire?

No. Gift subscriptions remain valid until the redemption code has been used.

What can I redeem a gift subscription for?

Gift subscriptions are redeemable for access to Wolfram|Alpha Pro for the number of months selected when purchased. They cannot be redeemed for other credits, goods, or services.

Can I refund or exchange my gift subscription?

No. Gift subscriptions are not refundable or exchangeable. They may not be partially redeemed.

I lost the redemption code. Can you replace it?

Purchasers are responsible for safekeeping of the redemption code. If you were the recipient of the gift subscription, check and see if the person who purchased it still has a copy of the redemption code.

We cannot guarantee assistance with lost redemption codes. Contact if you have lost a gift subscription code.

Are there any fees associated with gift subscriptions?

No. We do not charge any fees associated with purchasing or redeeming a gift subscription. Sales tax may apply when purchasing depending on your local laws.

What features are available with Wolfram|Alpha Pro?

Visit this page to learn more about Wolfram|Alpha Pro.

How do credits work with gift subscriptions?

Credits work the same with gift subscriptions as with regular subscriptions. The standard amount of monthly credits is included with all gift subscriptions. Subscribers can purchase additional credits. If they do not yet have a payment method on file, they will be prompted to add one when purchasing credits.

More information on the Wolfram|Alpha Pro credit system is available in the Wolfram|Alpha Pro FAQ.